Silk Dress Cleaning

Silk dress and silk clothes demands a special care. Today we will talk how to do a silk dress cleaning. Don’t wash your silk clothes with a detergent, rather wash it in a lukewarm water with a child hair shampoo. After you wash your silk dress in this way, leave … Continue Reading ⏩


Best Way To Wash Jeans

Jeans clothes is became a uniform for all generations. But, do you know the best way to wash jeans? Your pants, skirt or shirt always turn inside out and then do the washing.In this way, you will avoid formation of lighter and darker stripes on the face of the clothing. … Continue Reading ⏩


How To Clean Leather Purses ?

Leather purses that you will not wear for a some time smear with vaseline and leave the skin to absorb the necessary fat. After that, rub the purse with a woolen clothing, and after that with a cotton clothing. At the end, apply a thin layer of a vaseline once … Continue Reading ⏩


Shoe Care And Maintenance – Tips And Tricks

Nourishing shoes: Always protect your shoes so they lasts longer. In front of foot tie torn nylon stockings and put each shoe in a sock. As soon as you notice that the leather on your shoes is scratched, glue lifted piece with a transparent nail polish. In this way cover … Continue Reading ⏩


How To Remove Rust Stains ?

You probably wonder how to remove rust stains? Well, we are here to help you. To remove rust stains on clothing, you will use oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is widely used in beekeeping. So you probably know some friend or friend of a friend who is engaged in beekeeping and … Continue Reading ⏩


How To Remove Ink Stains ?

In your everyday life, you probably run into problem how to remove ink stains . Here are the solutions how to remove ink stains: Ink stains on wooden furniture and wooden floors needs to be removed immediately, so the ink can not paint the wood and be absorbed. Soak a … Continue Reading ⏩


Dog Hair Remover

If you have a dog, here is a post for you: Dog hair remover. If you ever wonder how to do a dog hair removal easy and with no costs, look no further since we have an answer. When your dog sheds, the house is full of hair. Here’s how … Continue Reading ⏩


Mold And Mildew Removal

Today we will talk about mold and mildew removal. Mold and mildew are very dangerous for our health, so we will advice you how to kill mold in your bathroom, basement or on your clothing. To kill mold in book pages, you will use a mixture made from 10 g … Continue Reading ⏩