Best Way To Wash Jeans


Jeans clothes is became a uniform for all generations. But do you know the best way to wash jeans?


Your pants skirt or shirt always turn inside out and then do the washing.In this way you will avoid formation of lighter and darker stripes on the face of the clothing.

Remember, always wash your jeans inside out.

You can renew a color on a faded jeans by dying it. Get yourself a liquid or powder fabric dye of any color you want your jeans to be (blue, black or any other) . After you wash your jeans in your washing machine dye your jeans according to the instructions on the package. Don’t forget, after dying and after each washing, in the last rinsing water in your washer add one spoon of vinegar. It would help to fix the dye onto your jeans.

You must never wash your jeans with the common soap since it would fade out or remove the color !

How to starch your jeans in a simple way ? You will use a sugar for this ! Yes, you’ve read it well, sugar will help to make your jeans crisp and wrinkling resisted. Wash your jeans in a washer and soak it in the sweet water for a half an hour. After that hang it to dry.

If you extended your pants length you probably have a problem how to remove a track of its prior edge. How to remove this edge to be invisible ? Apply some black or blue tempera with a brush on a white stripe. When the paint is dry go over it with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Color will be absorbed into the fabric and your pants will look like a brand new !

If you don’t like a faded jeans style leave the jeans soaked after washing in a cold water in which you added one spoon of vinegar. After that soaking rinse your jeans thoroughly.

If you don want to use above suggestions for a jeans washing, you can always use an industrial laundry detergent. On of the best you can see below:


Best Way To Wash Jeans
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