Dog Hair Remover


If you have a dog, here is a post for you: Dog hair remover. If you ever wonder how to do a dog hair removal easy and with no costs, look no further since we have an answer.


When your dog sheds, the house is full of hair. Here’s how to remove them without much hassle: Put rubber gloves on hands and then moisten the palm of each glove. Wipe carpets and chairs with the palm of the glove , in fact all the places where your pet sitting or lying down. Hair will stick to the wet gloves, and then you can easily remove them.

If you notice that your pet shed more hair than normal, that his hair was dull and rough under your arm, feed him with raw liver every day for two weeks. Such a diet regime apply before winter and just before spring.

A dog that is constantly scratching makes it clear that he was attacked by fleas. Help him so that you will rub his hair with laurel leaves. Apply solid but not too rough movements. Instead of using bay leaves you can also use walnut leaves – fleas do not like them equally ! There are also special flea collars, but this will not cost you anything, and is just as effective.
If you have a bird you need to keep it clean. To make sure that your bird cage is impeccably clean, put some chalk in the sand. Canary like changes in nutrition and because of that occasionally offer him to drink some tomato juice. Give him a salad on regular basis, but washed and dried.


  1. Moths are very persistent and hazardous household pests. It seems that they are no longer bothered by the smell of lavender or lemon peel parching. Therefore obtain camphor powder and pour it into a small paper or cloth bags and spread it to all cabinets and drawers where you keep underwear and clothing.
  2. Flies – The flies won’t fly over your head if you insert a bunch of mint into a vase with flowers. While you dine outdoors, defend it from flies to peel the onion half and put it on a china plate, spray insecticide and place it near the table.
  3. Fleas – love to settle in old abandoned buildings or rooms that were not used and cleaned for a long time. Aplly ammonia in any cracks in that room (the walls and parquet flooring).
  4. Ants -To prevent ants in a free walk in to your apartment, first determine from where they are entering. Then, on their way put some detergent. There are more weapons against ants, such as: slices of lemon, chalk, salt, gypsum powder, naphthalene, camphor, and tobacco.

Dog Hair Remover
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