Great 15 house cleaning tips – save your time and money !


best-tips-for-fast-house-cleaning1. Keep the mess under control, constantly.

“Before you begin to wipe the dust and wash the floors, you have to get rid of the mess. This will make cleaning easier, “says Marla Cilley, a household specialist from the FlyLady website.

In the beginning put things in their places, as soon as you enter the apartment. Everything needs to have its place. To achieve this, find a logical place all the way – hang the keys beside the exit door and the coat hangers in the closet (donate excess clothing). Ask yourself: “Do I love this?”, “Do I have a place to keep this?”, “Does this makes me happy?” If the answer is “Yes”, then keep that thing. If it’s “No”, it’s time to get rid of it.

2. Maintenance has many advantages

You’ve probably already realized that cleaning is quicker and simpler if you keep your home neat and clean. And this approach can help our planet, since always clean home can remain so with gentle cleansing agents. “If you do not keep the house clean, you need to use stronger products to clean and clean up with more struggle,” says Sabrina Fierman, vice president of New York’s Little Elves cleaning company.

3. Let the sink shine

“The key to the bright kitchen is in a clean sink,” says Cilley. “It’s amazing what it does. Purity is contagious,” says author Sink Reflections. Basically, if your sink is flawless, it will be hard to get it soaked. And once the sink is clean, dirty tiles and floors will just not fit you. And when your kitchen is so clean, should not it be a bathroom also? Of course, the mess is also contagious. So do not let the smaller mess grow to something bigger.

4. Smart surface maintenance

“Most people maintain kitchens, so hard-to-use cleaning agents are rarely needed,” says Johnson. For most surfaces universal spray cleaning agent will be enough, and a good solution is warm water vinegar if you only maintain the purity (natural, non-toxic and inexpensive). For the kitchen cabinets is good hot water and soap (pay particular attention to handles and other areas that you often touch). Of course, everything mentioned will be better cleaned with a microfiber cloth because it will do a lot of work.

5. Say ‘no’ to greasy stains

Your best defense from dirty stoves is – good prevention. “Splatter screen for your frying pan is something that every kitchen should have,” says Fierman. Even with the best-preserved plates, this is the best preventive solution. That’s the only way to be really clean, he says, adding that the plate should be wiped after each cooking.

6. Oven

Stove plates are not all that you need to pay attention to. Fortunately, most new ovens have a self-cleaning function. All you have to do is place the oven on a self-cleaning function, leave the door open, and wipe the white powder several hours later. “It requires a lot of energy, but the alternative is very toxic,” says Fierman.

7. Slow down to get faster

You need to restrain the need to clear immediately after you have applied the cleaning agent. “If you do it and wipe it out, you do not allow the product to do it,” says Johnson, “and every product needs at least two or three minutes.” So the product works for you, and while you wait, do something else, say put the dishes in the washing machine. A two to three minute rule applies to all surfaces, from table to shower cabin.

8. Prevent accumulation of dirt

bathroom-cleaning-tipsPrevent accumulation of dirt after showering by keeping the bathroom door open and let air circulate, Johnson recommends. If you have curtains in the shower cabin, collect them to one side to improve the flow, but do not forget to stretch them out after 20-30 minutes to dry. In the shower you can also hold the sponge to wipe the tile and glass doors, and after a hot shower, wipe the surface. This will prevent accumulation of soap layers and you will not often have to wash the inside of the shower doors.

9. For the toilet

If you want to keep the toilet bowl clean, Cilley recommends that you make a mix of water and some soap, like an old shampoo or shower gel, 50-50 each day. Wipe the board and the toilet bowl with a mixture and put an excess in the toilet. Minutes to work for this awkward task. If you have male children I suggest that you always have damp disinfectant wipes so you can will wipe off the board and the toilet bowl with it.

10. Dusting

Always have a disinfectant handkerchief in your room, so when you’re on TV ads, you can wipe it off. It’s a little effort, but it’s worth it.

11. Let a pet have its place

Pets love to sit next to you. Unfortunately, animal fur contains oil that can leave stains on upholstery and fabrics. So get special furniture covers and teach the animal to hold their couch or chair, says Johnson. For hair, it is suggested to use a good old microfibre cloth or a special sponge for pets. “It’s better than vacuum cleaning,” he says.

12. Focus on the floor

Various pieces can damage the floor more than dirty socks or feet – they damage the hard surface when you step on it. To prevent further damage, do the vacuum cleaning in the living area and other areas where you often stay. In addition to being clean, the floor will be saved in the long term, as it will prevent damage and possible floor restoration. If you do not have time but you have the money, invest in iRobot Roomba, who will do the job for you. Do not forget, once a week, with a real extension, to dust the dust from books, shelves, lamps and all the lesser available places.

13. Simple, fluttering bedroom

The bedrooms are quite clean. In sleeping rooms mess is usually produced by clothes, so before you get cloth piles, you need to regularly deal with clothes you do not wear. The bedding will last two minutes and the neat bed will transform the entire room.

14. Time is on your side

“People can not efficiently clean up an apartment or house because they jump from task to task all over the space,” says Cilley. That’s why she advises you to use the alarm to keep you focused on one room and you will not waste your time. Does your company come in for an hour? Set the alarm for 15 minutes and set up the kitchen, start with the sink, and then throw it away. For the next 15 minutes, dedicate yourself to the living room by solving everything that does not belong to it and wiping the glossy surfaces. The next 15 are dedicated to the bathroom, and the last 15 enjoy the finishing touch – arranging yourself.

15. Find the time to rest

You need to find the time for a rest. If you forcing cleaning from day to day you will get tired and your house will get dirty again. So rest yourself with a good book, movie or go outside for a walk.

Great 15 house cleaning tips – save your time and money !
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