How To Clean Leather And Fur Clothing ?


In a case you have a fur coats you probably wonder how to clean it by yourself without carrying it to the dry cleaner? Well we are here to answer to this questions and to offer you advice on how to clean leather and fur clothing. So here we go…


Leather maintenance

1. Leather is irreplaceable for making clothing and footwear. Leather is strong and durable, and it looks nice. If the leather is not maintained properly, it does not last as it could. So check all leather clothing and items occasionally, clean them and nourish the leather, and clean leather items and clothing with some polish, just like your shoes.

2. Ink stains on leather rub with half a lemon. Attention ! Ballpoint ink stains are different in composition, so clean them with alcohol.

3. Grease stains on leather clothing can be removed with gasoline, and lather with a little ammonia added may also help.

4. Mold stains on a leather clothing rub carefully with sandpaper, and if it leaves a bright spot, soak the place with water in which you boiled walnut shells.5. To make leather last longer, rub the leather occasionally with vaseline and then rub it with a soft cloth.

Fur cleaning and maintenance:


1. Fur demands careful care. Before storing your fur clothes, collar or coat made of fur needs to be cleaned good. there are a few ways to do this.
2. Fur collars can be cleaned with an onion.  Yes, an onion ! Take the onion slices and gently rub the fur, leave it to dry, and in the end rub the collar completely with a soft brush to remove tiny onion fibers that may have stuck to fur.
3. Second, as a fur cleaning solution use a pound of corn flour and a handful of baking soda.Spread the mixture on the fur and leave ti for a some time. At the end, brush it out good and wrap your fur in a linen sheet until the next season.
4. You can also use a sawdust moistened with a gasoline. You must rub this mixture into the fur well. Leave it to dry and brush out good.
5. Another way for a fur cleaning is to beating your fur clothing from the inner side with two sticks. Leave it outside during the night to vent and absorb the moisture. When it dries, put your fur piece of clothing into a cloth bag (not in a plastic bag in any way!). Vent your fur clothing at least once a month. It is good to put a moth repellent in a cloth bag.
6. Light fur coat can be cleaned with a magnesium powder in a way to rub the powder well into a fur, wrap your fur coat into a sheet and leave it for a three days. After that brush the fur good.

If you are not satisfied with the above DIY solutions for a leather and fur cleaning, you can always search for something like this:


How To Clean Leather And Fur Clothing ?
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