How To Clean Leather Purses ?


Leather purses that you will not wear for a some time smear with vaseline and leave the skin to absorb the necessary fat. After that rub the purse with a woolen clothing and after that with a cotton clothing. At the end apply a thin layer of a vaseline once again. This would be a protection for your purse.


If you have a metal lock on your purse apply some baby powder on it so it don’t get stuck.

Leather purses with light colors clean in this way: Wash the purse with pasteurized milk that cleans and restores shine for such a leather.

You can protect your brand new leather purse from any kind of stains by applying a shoe paste on it and polish them well. If your purse loose it shape, and a leather on the purse is wrinkled and without a shine because it soaked too much water since you walk while it is raining, cover your purse with a flannel cloth and go over a cloth with a steam iron. The leather will be tight and shiny again.
Suede leather purses can be cleaned with alcohol and when it dries, rub the skin with a fine sandpaper. Or you can wash it with a mild solution of a detergent for washing delicate laundry. Leave it overnight, and in the morning brush your purse and spray it with a impregnating spray for suede shoes.
Your plastic or vinyl purse clean with a clothes soaked in a lather. Rub the purse, wash it out and dry with a soft cloth.

If in any case you have an old straw purse, you can clean it with a soft sponge soaked in a solution of a water and mild detergent (or a vinegar). Rub well the inside of the purse, belt, an outer side of the purse. Wach for your movements not to be too strong, so not to damage the sensitive material. After washing, leave to dry well.

How To Clean Leather Purses ?
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