How To Clean Stains From Hands


I will first write something about how to remove odors on hands.


The most unpleasant smell on your hands is a smell of fish. Well, I have a great solution how to get fish smell off your hands. If you have a slice of lemon, rub your hands with it immediately after cleaning fish, and then with moist salt. Lemon juice and salt will irritate the skin so you need to rinse hands thoroughly and rub the hands with moisturizing creme. Fish odor from your hands you can remove with coffee residue. Rub your hands with it and then rinse.

The smell of onions and garlic on hand also is anything but pleasant. You will remove the smell of garlic so that rub your hands with parsley leaves, and the smell of onions if you rub them with coffee residue or celery. If you clean a large amount of onions and these solutions do not help remove the odor, wash your hands with ammonia solution, and after that with lemon juice.

Walnut stains – Cleaning of walnuts is a long and dirty job, because dark spots will remain on your hands. You can remove walnut stains if you rub your hands with vinegar, rinse them and rub cream.

Cement stains – Hands stained with cement rub with mixture of oil and sugar, and rub them well, then rinse.

Color stains – It is useful to play handyman, and paint cabinets, doors etc. by yourself, but you need to know how to clean stained hands. Try to rub your hands with cottage cheese. It will work only until the paint on your hands is fresh. Varnishes stains on your hands can be easily removed if you rub the stains with a cotton wool soaked in olive oil, and after that wash your hands with warm water and soap.

Grease stains – Sprinkle flour on your hands and leave it in your hands until it absorbs all the grease. Rinse flour with warm water and soap.


Nicotine stains – If you have a smoker’s yellow fingers, every now and then rub them with a cotton wool soaked in lemon juice into which you have sprinkled a little toilet cleaning solution. Rinse well and wash with warm water and soap.

If any of the above doesn’t work for you, you can always buy Mrs Meyers Liquid Hand Soap


How To Clean Stains From Hands
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