How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet


You probably wonder how to clean your stained rug or carpet? Well, keep reading since we have a great solution which will help you to painlessly remove any kind of stain from your carpet or rug.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance, and ways how to remove carpet stains following:


You need to regularly clean your carpet of dust. Carpets are real dust collectors, so you need to brush them daily and once a week or once in every 14 days you need to thoroughly clean your carpets with vacuum cleaner, and you need to clean the top side and reverse side of the carpet also. For carpet washing you need to get liquid carpet cleaner, make a foam and clean the carpet with this foam.

How to remove stains from wool carpet ? You must clean them with a coarse brush opposite to the direction of weaving. After that rub them with flannel cloth soaked in mixture of half a liter of water, a tablespoon of salt, and a tablespoon of ammonia. Don’t wet the carpet too much !

If you want to restore the luster and freshness of your color carpet, sprinkle the carpet with monotonous coating of fine sawdust soaked with white vinegar. When the dust is completely dry, remove it by brushing.

Wool rugs protection from insects is done so that once a year spray moth repellent on carpet. Below some woolen carpets exists a lot of dust and the moths hatch, and you will prevent it so neatly underneath sort old newspaper.

Cotton carpets can be washed as any other cotton fabric – in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Before washin clean the cotton carpet from dust, soak it into lather and then brush it gently so you can clean it thoroughly. After washing, rinse it thoroughly and hang to dry in the shade, not squeezing the carpet.

Often carpeting cover the floors of our apartment in the rooms, hallways and on stairways, but how to maintain the carpeting ? If you want your carpeting lasts longer, don’t clean it with vacuum cleaner, prefer cleaning it with brush. Periodically refresh carpeting washing with warm water and alcohol (1/3 alcohol and 2/3 water). With a coarse brush and a mixture wash carpeting and let it dry.

Furry carpets can be cleaned in a way that sawdust must be sprinkled on carpet hairs or clean it with heated sand soaked with gasoline for cleaning that must penetrate between the hairs to the skin. When it dries, brush out the carpet with a stiff brush.

How to remove carpet stains ? They are easiest to remove while they are still fresh. Usually it is enough to wipe the stain with a damp sponge. If a liquid is spilled, first soak it with the paper towel. Always remove every stain in a way of wiping edges toward the center, so in this way you will not spread it around.

For removing pet urine stains from carpet, you will use a white vinegar, and after that use industrial liquid carpet cleaner.

Stains on carpet of unknown origin try to clean with soda water (carbonated water).

To remove glue stains on carpets, you should use a mixture of neutral soap and alcohol. Rinse out that place thoroughly.

For removal dried food stains on carpet, rinse the stain with warm water and wet place dry immediately with a hairdryer. While you drying it, rub the place in the same time with clean cloth.

How to remove grease stains from carpet ? Use a mixture of a sawdust and gasoline or turpentine. Make the mixture, stir it well and apply a thin layer on each stain.

Coffee stain on the carpet needs to be wiped firstly with a sponge soaked in a cold water. After that, coat each stain with a glycerin.

Heatin oil stain on a carpet can be removed if you soak a stained place with a gasoline and sprinkle with a baby powder. After 12 hours, brush out the stained place.

Cat or dog hair can be removed from a carpet with a wet sponge. Rub out the carpet firmly.

Remains of a chewing gum on a carpet cam be removed by rubbing the place with an ice cubes, until the last remains drop off.

How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet
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