How To Remove Coffee, Tea And Cocoa Stains ?


You have a problem how to remove coffee, tea or cocoa stain on your shirt ? Well, you are at the right place for a solution !


For a coffee stain removal you need to rinse the stain as soon as possible with a clean water and after that with a lukewarm suds. Wash out the stain then with a water heated on a same temperature as a suds you’ve used before. To remove old coffee stain, soak the stained place in a water to which you ad 10 % of hydrogen peroxide. Warning: First try the mixture on a less visible place on fabric ! Coffee stain can also be removed with a little cold milk. After that rinse the place with a mild solution of detergent.How to remove cocoa stain ? Well, you need to pour the stain immediately with hot water or put the stained place on top of a pot or a plate and pour the place with hot water. In a cocoa stain removal you can help yourself with a detergent enhanced with a little borax powder.

If you ever wonder how to remove tea stains, the answer follows: You need to soak the stained place with a mixture containing lukewarm water and lemon juice. Rub the stained place then with a piece of cotton wool.

That is all considering coffee, cocoa and tea stain removal. Of course if you know for any other handy way to remove this kind of stains write to us on a Contact page. Thanks for reading and following us !

How To Remove Coffee, Tea And Cocoa Stains ?
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