How To Remove Dust – Dust Removal


Here are a few tips on how to remove dust from your home, upholstery, wallpapers etc.


How to remove dust from upholstered furniture ? You will wipe the dust using a little trick: on a cotton cloth apply some window cleaning liquid and remove the dust with it.

To remove the dust on the books use a vaccum cleaner orĀ  a soft brush. Dust stains can be removed from book pages if you wipe the stain with a cotton wool soaked in diluted hidrogen peroxyde.Dust on a coated wallpapers can be removed washing it with a lukewarm water and mild detergent. Paper wallpaper that can not be washed clean with a pen eraser, and then wipe it with a dry cotton cloth.

Whites may grizzle or turn yellow due to the long standing in a closet. Leave it for a few hours in a water with plenty of salt added to it.

How to remove dust stains from woolen clothing? You will make a mixture from 90 % ethanol and water in 1:1 ratio. Soak a clean cloth in this mixture and rub a stain with it.

To remove dust stains from a sensitive clothing (silk or similar) you will use a medical gasoline or ether.

If you maybe know for some other ways of successful dust removing, feel free to write a comment or contact us over contact form. Maybe we will write one of yours articles here and put your name as an author !

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How To Remove Dust – Dust Removal
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