How To Remove Ink Stains ?


In your everyday life, you probably run into problem how to remove ink stains .


Here are the solutions how to remove ink stains:

Ink stains on wooden furniture and wooden floors needs to be removed immediately, so the ink can not paint the wood and be absorbed. Soak a cotton cloth into a vinegar and rub the ink stain. If you have a painted wooden furniture, you can remove ink stain with a piece of ripe tomatoes.

Ink stain removal from a book pages can be done with a piece of cotton wool soaked into hydrogen peroxide. Insert a piece of blotting paper under the page you’re clean, so that the stain does not transfer to the page below.

Removing ink stains from white laundry and tablecloth (table cover) can be done in this way: boil 2dl of milk and then apply boiling milk on ink stain. Rub a few times and the do it again, continuosly adding new amount of boiled milk. At the end of this procedure, wash out a stained clothing in warm water, and then wash usually in a washing machine.
How to remove ink stains from clothing: Soak a stained part of clothing into ice milk. If the clothing is from sensitive material (silk, wool and similar), prepare then 1 dl of warm milk mixed with a lemon juice from 2 lemons. Soak a clean cotton cloth into this mixture and rub the stain with it.

How to remove ballpoint ink stains ? You can remove ballpoint ink stains from clothing with a 90 % alcohol. Rub the stained place with a piece of cotton wool soaked in alcohol. But every time you rub it again, use a new piece of cotton wool.

To remove ink stains from a knitwear, you should use a glycerin. Coat the stains with glycerine and leave it like that some time. Then wash your knitwear in a water (30 degrees Celsius) and mild detergent.

Removig ink stains from a leather and leather clothes can be done with a lemon. Rub each stain with a lemon half. Ballpoint ink stains have different chemical structure, and that kind of stains are cleaned with alcohol.

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How To Remove Ink Stains ?
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