How To Remove Rust Stains ?


You probably wonder how to remove rust stains? Well, we are here to help you.


To remove rust stains on clothing, you will use oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is widely used in beekeeping. So you probably know some friend or friend of a friend who is engaged in beekeeping and you can find some oxalic acid there. For a successful rust stain removal, you will put a few cristals of oxalic acid on each stain and moist them slightly. Or you can put the whole clothing in a lather (soapsuds), rather than do a moistening. Work carefully with oxalic acid, since it can leave an ugly stains on a clothing.
Rust stain removal on a white clothing is done in a way that you first need to moist the stains with a boiled and cooled water. Then put a few drops of alcohol on each stain, and after alcohol put a few drops of a vinegar on each stain. Let they do the work about 10 minutes or so. You must repeat this procedure until you remove all the stains. Cleaned places rinse thoroughly.

How to remove rust stains form a sensitive clothing (silk) ? To remove rust stains from such sensitive clothing, you will use undiluted vinegar. Moist the stains with vinegar and after that put some cigarette ash on the stains. Leave it like this for some time (15 mins or maybe even longer) . At the end, wash the garment as usual.

If you maybe know some other way how to remove rust stains, write a comment below and we will publish your advice on this site !

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How To Remove Rust Stains ?
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