How To Remove Stains From Wool Sweater ?


Today we will talk about how to get stains out of wool.

Rust stains occur when a wet metal object becomes rusty and then comes in contact with your wool fabric or carpet. To remove rust stains from wool sweater , follow this steps: Make a lemmonade like you’re going to drink it, but don’t, and don’t add any sugar to it. Put your wool sweater into a lemonade and leave it soaked for a 10 minutes. After that wash your woolen clothing in usual way.


To remove sweat stains from woolen clothing or knitwear you will use a solution made from one part of ammonia two parts of a pure alcohol and three parts of ether (Diethyl ether). Rub your knitwear with this solution to remove a sweat stains of it.

Ink stain on a woolen clothing can be removed with glycerine. Smear the glycerine over a stain and wash your ink stained woolen clothing in a lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Beer stain on your knitwear you will easily remove with a moistened toilet paper or with a moistened handkerchief, which previously roll over soap. Leave the soap to works for a half an hour, and then wash ypur woolen clothing usually.

To remove hair dye stains from woolen clothing or knitwear, you will use lemon juice. Dip a lemon juice on each stain, and after a few minutes, dip a cold milk on each stain. Leave it like that for a few hours and then wash it usually.

Removal of a lipstick stain from wool can be done like this: Remove bigger residues of a lipstick with a knife, and then rub the stains with a glycerine.

In a case you don’t like our recommended solutions, you can always buy something like this for your woolen clothing:



How To Remove Stains From Wool Sweater ?
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