How To Remove Wine Stains ?


If you are visiting parties, or if you maybe like to dinner at home, and drink a red wine after that, sooner or later it will happen to you to get an ugly red wine or port wine stain on your clothes or even on your carpet.

Now we are getting to the question: how to remove wine stain from your clothes ?


The answer is much simplier than you think, and it is not complicated task at all.

Wine stains often seem hopeless but really is not that though to remove a wine stain.

With a regular and timely process it is very easy to fix wine stained clothing. If an accident occurred at the table during dinner, for example, get a paper towel an remove not absorbed red wine with it. After that pour salt on the stain, which will absorb the remaining residue. If you are close to the faucet, soak the garment in running water and then periodically rub the place where the wine stain is with a sponge. Wash the garment with appropriate laundry detergent. The dry wine stains can be removed with stronger solution of biological washing powder.

Of course, like always, if you know for more ways to remove wine stains, or port wine stain removal, feel free to comment or contact us.

Stay clean !

P. S. If you don’t like our simple solutions for a red wine stain removal, please refer to the professional product below: Wine Away – Red Wine Stain Remover:


How To Remove Wine Stains ?
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