How To Wash White Clothes ?


How to properly wash white clothes is a topic we are going to discuss today.


White cotton underwear must be washed at the highest temperatures – boiling water.

But sometimes that isn’t enough to preserve cristal whiteness of your laundry. So, you need to put one or two spoon of baking soda in your washing machine to achieve blindning whitness of your laundry.

Very unkempt whites soak in the lather in which you’ve added half cup of ammonia.

After 20 minutes rinse your laundry and continue to washing in an ordinary way in your washing machine.Grayed whites leave it soaking  for a few hours in the water with plenty of salt. It would be white again as a brand new ! Instead of salt, you can use any bleaching solution – the effect would be the same. After washing (if it is a summmer, but rainy day) hang your laundry to dry outside while is it raining. Soft rainwater would bleach the whites additionally, and the final touch to lanudry will give summer sun.

Dirty handkerchiefs wash in this way: leave it soaking for a 24 hours in a clean hot water without the detergent, and then drain them well and wash them with white laundry in your washing machine.

When you notice that your washing machine creates too much foam, put one or two spoons of vinegar in a detergent container.

I hope that our advices on how to wash white clothes can help you a lot in your everyday life.

How To Wash White Clothes ?
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