How To Wash Your Laundry ?


White and colored clothes needs to be carefully washed and maintained. White clothes get yellowed with age, and colored clothes tends to lose its colors with age.

How to wash white laundry ? Well, we have already answered on this in post How To Wash White Clothes ? , but I will wrote it once again.


You must wash white clothes on the highest possible temperature – you must boil it. But sometimes boiling isn’t enough to preserve the bright whiteness. So in your washing machine, besides detergent, put some grated soap or a spoon or two of baking soda.
Very neglected white clothes soak in soapy water to which you add a half cup of ammonia. After 20 minutes rinse well and put it into your washing machine and wash usually.

Grayed white clothes soak for a few hours before machine washing into water in which you add plenty of salt. It would be white again as if it is a brand new ! After washing (if it is a summer rainy day) hang it outside while it rains. Soft rainwater will make your white clothes even whiter, and the final shine will give him the summer sun.

When you notice that the washing machine has created too much foam in the detergent, add a teaspoon of vinegar into detergent container.How to soften your laundry without an industrial softener? You can use a baking soda or a white vinegar. In the last rinsing water put a handful of a baking soda or one spoon of a white vinegar.

Your laundry can smell very nicely and have a fresh odor if you put one bundle of domestic lavender.

Colored laundry needs to be washed at lower temperatures than white laundry. Check your colored laundry very carefully before putting it into your washing machine, because only one sock with nonpermanent color can ruin the rest of the laundry !

Sensitive laundry you mast wash with a mild detergent on a special washing machine programs. If you, in any case, don’t have any mild detergent, use the water in which you cooked potatoes (unsalted). This is a great replacement for a mild detergent !

Silk white laundry you must wash in a lukewarm water and with mild detergent.

How To Wash Your Laundry ?
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