Shoe Care And Maintenance – Tips And Tricks


Always protect your shoes so they lasts longer. In front of foot tie torn nylon stockings and put each shoe in a sock.


As soon as you notice that the leather on your shoes is scratched glue lifted piece with a transparent nail polish. In this way cover each scratch that the leather does not break away further.

Moist leather shoes you must NOT dry around a heat source. Fill your moist shoes with old newspaper and dry your shoes at the open window always in a shade.

Squeaky shoes leave it to stay overnight in a shallow layer of oil. But, be careful, oil must not reach upper thin leather layer.

Shoes made of common leather need to be cleaned with a special brush first. To nourish the leather it’s enough to apply some shoe polish onto them.

Don’t apply shoe polish onto soft leather shoes. Rather apply some cold cream. Apply cold cream uniformly leave it be for a few minutes to absorb it into leather, and then rub your shoes with a soft brush or a clean soft cloth.

If you have very soft leather shoes soiled with mud you will clean them and impregnate with the coffee-grounds. Apply a moist coffee-grounds with a brush and smear it on soles and stained sections. Then allow the shoe to be on the draft until the coffee grounds dry. Brush the shoes and apply a shoe polish on it.

Light colored leather shoes rub from time to time with a cotton cloth soaked in a milk. Stains on a shoes like this remove with a common pencil eraser and then apply a transparent shoe polish on it.

Water stains on the sodden shoes look very ugly. Wipe them with a cloth soaked in a solution made with equal parts of water and vinegar. After that leave your shoes to dry and apply a shoe polish on it, and after that treat it with a solution for a leather impregnating.

Upper part of the shoe will became softer if you apply a shoe stretching solution from the inside of the shoe. Leather soles will last longer and will not leak water if you coat them every ten days with a solution made from petroleum and paraffin or with a linseed oil.

For a leather shoes impregnation castor oil can also be used.

Before storing your shoes for a longer time you must first celan them well and then apply cold cream on your shoes. To keep the form of your shoes put an old newspapers into each shoe.

Unpleasant sweat smell in your shoes can be easily removed by putting a powder of crushed thyme or other herbs in your shoes and leave it for a 24 hours. You can get the same effect if you put in your shoes a cotton wool soaked in disinfectant and leave it for a couple of days.

Suede leather shoes clean in a dry way. Very dirty suede shoes are cleaned with a lukewarm water in which you’ve added a little bit of a mild detergent or a mild soap. Soak a soft brush into that water and then brush suede leather. Rinse the soap by rubbing the shoes with a soft brush soaked in a cold water. To remove the moist, use a dry cloth or a hair dryer.


Suede shoes drenched with water squeeze gently to return the softness to leather, and then leave it to dry on the draft. When the suede leather is completely dry, remove the stains with a pencil eraser and at the end brush them with a soft brush or with a very fine sandpaper. Light suede shoes clean with a mixture of borotalco, egg white and water.

Lacquer leather shoes always come back into fashion. But how to prevent cracking of lacque and make those shoes last longer? Lacquer leather shoes always clean with a soft brush soaked into milk. After cleaning, wipe the shoes with a dry cloth.

Snake leather shoes can be cleaned with a castor oil or with a lukewarm wather in which you’ve added a few drops of ammonia. After cleaning apply a transparent shoe polish on them and polish your snake leather shoes good.

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Shoe Care And Maintenance – Tips And Tricks
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