Silk Dress Cleaning


Silk dress and silk clothes demands a special care.

Today we will talk how to do a silk dress cleaning.

Don’t wash your silk clothes with a detergent, rather wash it in a lukewarm water with a child hair shampoo. After you wash your silk dress in this way, leave it soaking for a 20 minutes in a salty water. It is a great refreshment for any silk clothes !

silk-dress-cleaningWhen you wash your silk dress, you must not squeeze it. Leave your fresh washed silk clothes to decant and to dry a little bit, and then iron it while it is still wet with a lukewarm iron.When you wash a white silk blouse or a dress , put one spoon of a white vinegar or one spoon of a milk powder in a last water rinse.

How to refresh colors on a silk clothes and make it soft and fluffy ?
Very simple : After you wash your silk dress, leave it soaking in a water in which you cooked a rice (lukewarm ) !

If your silk clothes turn yellow, wash it with a soap in a water in which you added a little bit of a white vinegar.

White slik wedding dress (which you for sure want to keep forever) keep stored wrapped up in a white cotton bag, never plastic !

In a case you don’t like above natural solutions for a slik cleaning, you can always buy yourself this great Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Soap, which is gentle and organic.


Silk Dress Cleaning
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